MnD chronicles the lives and adventures of Mike and Dee, the masterminds and artistic visionaries behind Botaday and DeeBarr Designs, respectively.

The stories presented here are mostly true, magically warped by the application of advanced cartoon science.

Rendered through a nostalgic color-newsprint filter, MnD is a hybrid slurry of TV sit-com, Sunday-morning funnies and the real-life observations of a couple of wacky artists.

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We originally came up with the idea for MnD in March of 2009. We made a handful of comics to figure out the details, but had too many things going on at the time to start publishing them.

The current strips were all made between March 2009 and October 2011. After we've posted this backlog, we'll start getting into current material.

So hang around, the party's just getting started!


Today's strip is the first of the MnDs created in 2014. Huzzah!